A&A is lead by Ofizzina liaison Angelica Behm and AreaTonic Chief Interior Designer Antonina Campisi. Their combined expertise, as well as the back up of a full team, will facilitate both practical and creative process. 

Angelica Behm is a Real Estate Broker ranked in the top tier of the South East Florida market. She is the CEO of her own brand: "A." while successfully running her own Real Estate Boutique Firm and her property management company. Lately she took over the commercialization of some new developments in the position of V.P. Sales & Marketing, such projects are: Metropica in Sunrise, Fl., Ofizzina in Coral Gables and Cassa Brickell in Miami, Fl. She successfully ran the first & only pilot of an innovative business model called "Branchising" launched by Avanti Way Realty for two years, who has been recognized by the South Florida Business Journal as the 3rd Fastest Growing Company in Florida for 2016.  Angelica's academic background is Business Administration with mention in International Business.  She is a natural connector and fluent communicator in Spanish, Italian, German and English. Her experience and qualifications include assignments as International Business Consultant for Multinational Companies, Sales Director of Real Estate Projects, Licensed Broker, Certified International Property Specialist (CIPS) and last but not least founder and CEO of her own company. Angelica serves sellers, buyers, investors and renters by providing personalized assistance and the most accurate data analysis that will allow them as her customers to make an informed decision when acquiring a residential or commercial property in South East Florida. Together with her team, she counts with more than $250 million sold since 2005 and more than 1000 transactions under her wing. As she points out, the achievements are definitely awarded to her close team of professionals, making sure she always generates added value to them and her clients.

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Antonina Campisi is Managing Partner and Chief Interior Designer of AreaTonic, a design studio, and exclusive Italian furniture representative. With more than 30 years of residential and commercial experience, and over 150,000 sq ft of office space designed, Antonina brings her love and expertise for furnishing and dressing spaces to each client, meeting their needs and helping to fulfill their individual vision.

Because she is able to tap into what they want, Antonina has formed lasting relationships with many of her clients, continuing to design their spaces as they evolve, move or expand.

Fame and recognition are not what Antonina is about. She approaches her work simply: for the pure satisfaction of providing quality and style to the finished space and to exceed client expectations as they see the balance of form and function meet.

Antonina is continually looking for fresh ideas and finding and working with artisans and designers with a unique voice, traveling to trade shows throughout the United States and Europe. Antonina's reputation and high standards are reflected in the network of fabric designers, furniture designers and accessory providers she has established throughout Europe – talent always eager to collaborate with her on projects.

Antonina's maturity, subtle ingenuity, and sensibility to take on very few projects at the same time afford her the dedication to leave nothing unexamined, to really look at all the small details and possibilities involved in transforming a space.

A breast cancer survivor, Antonina also brings her spirit and passion to the Breast Cancer Foundation as an active contributor.

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